At Blockidex, we’re working toward bringing together blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world and giving them a place to call home.

Our Mission

Back in 2017, after learning about many aspects of this industry, we realized that blockchain was here to stay and become a major part of how we do business, transact currencies, and much more. We knew right then and there, it was time to make a move, and find a big problem to solve.

We spent the latter part of the year focusing on learning all of the challenges people face on a daily basis in our industry and developed a vision for a service we hope to take and grow many years into the future, adding more value every step of the way.

Now, we're on a mission of building a future where blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can easily access a wide range of services, tools, and information while being fully enveloped within a socially-driven environment. A place where you can hang out, but with a host of other benefits.

We look forward to you joining us on our mission of becoming the future home of blockchain.

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