At Blockidex, we’re working toward bringing together cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts from around the world and giving them a place to call home. Communities is the first step forward in achieving this mission.
Communities Has Features For Everyone
Everything you need to stay organized, engaged, and connected.

"Blockidex Communities is like Meetup made just for blockchain and cryptocurrency groups. It’s a game-changer."

Patrick VanDusen - Founder @ ViewStub

5 Reasons You'll Love Communities


Unlimited Possibilities

Whether you're a token building their community, a blockchain attorney educating the public, or just a Bitcoin lover who wants to get coffee with local friends and chat, Communities is for you.


Maximum Engagement

Communities was made exclusively for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts, which ensures membership has a greater purpose, and increases loyalty and participation.


Designed For Growth

Your flat-rate subscription has no limit to how large your community can be grown. You can also expand your community to have dedicated groups and events all around the world at no extra cost.


Discovery Overload

As each community grows, more and more people will be able to find you organically. The great part is, you know they’re already apart of the blockchain ecosystem and primed for joining you.


An Expanding Platform

As we continue adding more services and features to Blockidex, your members will receive more value being apart of your community and spend more time engaging with your events and members.

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